When are you too old for spring break?

Ok folks,

I have a question for you guys this week, when are you too old to go to Spring Break? I have a problem with folks who attend like Black College Weekend or go to spring break in Miami when they graduated 5 years ago. Come on dog. I know we all miss school, its hard to transition to working but dog SPRING BREAK ?!? NO!! It is the equivalent of being 30 in the 18 plus club, to being one of them old dudes hanging outside of Barbee, unacceptable.

Unfortunately when we graduate we have to folk over certain rights and privileges, Spring Break is one of them.



Blogger callmejunn said...

I'm going to sping break this week, but i'm only 22 now what you got to say. lol. just joking but i feel you. I guess in my eyes i guess i would say at the latest 24. This is coming from the logical stand point that on average (this does not include the school of engineering) so one that graduates from highschool on time and goes straight to college can get a under and a graduates degree by the time they are 24. but after then and for some even before it's more about save money than spending it. can I get a Amen

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Anonymous Anonymous said...


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Blogger Nick said...

I think it is OK for older people to go on spring break as long as they go on a "mature spring break". In other words 30 year olds should not be in Florida with 19 year old flashers. They should be in Las Vegas or New York watching broadway shows or something.

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Blogger Nita said...

BROADWAY SHOWS....what type of VACATION is that, NICK??????? I wanna see u do that when u get 30 NICK.....lol

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Blogger Rich said...

Hey Beth,
I'm doing cool here. Been on this crazy savings plan trying to save up at least 9k for a new house. Plan on buying in September. So been very tight. Other than that, just been chillin. Going to NY at end of this month for training, going to Baltimore for a conference in July. I get off my 2 year program in Aug/Sept. and then Cha-Ching... I decide whether I prefer to stay with GE in a place where it gets colder than Alaska or whether I can be a jiggalo in the Florida Keys.

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