What up

Man I just joined this joint. By reading through some of the posts, ya'll are truly some funny folks. But I hope everyone is doing well. All is well in DC. I have no complaints.

And Yes, after you graduate there is no more "Spring Break". I wish I would waste my vacation days on that. That's what Homecoming and the Alumni Cruise is for. But, however, you can take a vacation. I see enough HBCU and A&T folks together at work and in the city..so I definitely ain't looking to go somewhere where the same folks are going to be.

To everyone in bogus locations, keep ya head up. It ain't permanent.


Blogger Beth said...

Twan!!! Thanks for post'n and for the words of encouragement. Cuz a sistah is lookin for a way out of the Artic. ttyl.

4:21 PM  
Blogger ChampD1012 said...

I thought I was the only one in the cold. Rhode Island isn't exactly tight. Ask Nick....

5:58 AM  

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