Blowin' Up The IM

You know, I wake up this morning and sit down to the PC to do the morning ritual (check email, download progress, etc) and wouldnt you know it, someones thought it would be a good idea to blow up my im window with blogger spam! hahaha I wont point any fingers.... NITA... Where is that stopzilla dinosaur when you need it! So yeah I figured I would say something. So here it is. Something. HA!

In other news... Im still in Raleigh, and I still have a job so no complaints here. :) Tonight im off to see The Jacket... I hope it doesnt suck like the pacifier did....


Blogger Nita said...

What are you talking about Bobby? SPAM...Nita...I don't think that goes together, buddy!!!!

11:40 AM  
Blogger Brian Hairston said...

Welcome Sliding Doors Co-Founder!

11:47 AM  

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