What up

Man I just joined this joint. By reading through some of the posts, ya'll are truly some funny folks. But I hope everyone is doing well. All is well in DC. I have no complaints.

And Yes, after you graduate there is no more "Spring Break". I wish I would waste my vacation days on that. That's what Homecoming and the Alumni Cruise is for. But, however, you can take a vacation. I see enough HBCU and A&T folks together at work and in the city..so I definitely ain't looking to go somewhere where the same folks are going to be.

To everyone in bogus locations, keep ya head up. It ain't permanent.


What up folk!

Hey y'all! Beth invited me to post so i'm postin. I ain't one of dem "aggies" so don't hate cause I'm here anyway! Thanks for the invite Beth! I'm here in Raleigh now after escaping from Alcatraz...oops I mean, Rochester. Sorry Roch folks, but y'all know that joint is worse than hell! Raleigh ain't paradise but it's better than Minnesota, know that!!!

Okay, now for the question that I'd like to pose to all of you that came from this area.... What is it in the water around here that has these brothas (cute and ugly) thinking they are God's gift just cause they have a degree? The attitudes are interesting to say the least.


Windows Media Player Skin

Hey Guys this is Malcolm. How is everyone doing. If yaw want to downlad the skin that nick , ray and I did here is the link.




When are you too old for spring break?

Ok folks,

I have a question for you guys this week, when are you too old to go to Spring Break? I have a problem with folks who attend like Black College Weekend or go to spring break in Miami when they graduated 5 years ago. Come on dog. I know we all miss school, its hard to transition to working but dog SPRING BREAK ?!? NO!! It is the equivalent of being 30 in the 18 plus club, to being one of them old dudes hanging outside of Barbee, unacceptable.

Unfortunately when we graduate we have to folk over certain rights and privileges, Spring Break is one of them.


Being completely honest

All jokes aside. I didn't know until we graduated that I was going to miss all yall. It's even hard to find people down here to have intelegent conversations with like we use to have with nick. lol. but serious for you that I haven't been able to talk to personally halla let me know whats up with you.


2005 HBCU Alumni Getaway Cruise

Hello All, I'm not sure if you guys know about this but a friend just passed it along.

I think I'm going. I know the deadline is close but I thought you guys might like to check it out.


We are looking forward to the 2005 HBCU Alumni Getaway Cruise, which is
just a few months away! The deadline for all payments is March 15,

hello everyone

name: olutosin
relation to beth: met during co-op in rochester, mn
to date: working in raleigh nc



Junn B is here

Yeah I just found out bout dis last night and now I'm on like Bem SLIDING DOORS ALL DAY WE DON'T PLAY


Hey what's up everyone? I'm in Ames Iowa (yeah i know) and if you thought Rochester sucks, this place is worse. Just doing the school thing, trying to get out of here sooner or later

Blowin' Up The IM

You know, I wake up this morning and sit down to the PC to do the morning ritual (check email, download progress, etc) and wouldnt you know it, someones thought it would be a good idea to blow up my im window with blogger spam! hahaha I wont point any fingers.... NITA... Where is that stopzilla dinosaur when you need it! So yeah I figured I would say something. So here it is. Something. HA!

In other news... Im still in Raleigh, and I still have a job so no complaints here. :) Tonight im off to see The Jacket... I hope it doesnt suck like the pacifier did....



In Milwaukee...home of beer and brats... and cheese for the non-lactose intolerant. It's cool here. looking into buying a place so settling in. Other than that, the game don't change... still party, still chill, and still work like a slave, only now I have benefits...

I am here now!

What's up folks? I hope everything is going well with everybody. Ya'll have invited me to the blogger so ya'll are about to get some funny stuff out of me! If ya'll want to stay informed on what is going on in Greensboro, just holla at me and all that good stuff. This is just a quick introduction, I am here now so lets keep it rolling!

Peace out,

Brian Alshaun Hairston


This week's topic: IS YOU!

This week's keeping together topic:


Tell us all what you have been up too. Whether it's the same ol' same or your making moves. We want to know!

Where are you currently living?
What is life like for you now? Are you married? Involved? Single?
Are you out of school? Headed back?
How is your career? Got a new job? Want a new job? Looking to marry rich?

Spill it!


Stuck in Rochester, MN (Yes, the middle of NO WHERE)and in need of a CAKER!!!!!!!!! Oh yea , and Why is it that guys in popular cities (i.e.- cities with more than 1% minority, NOT ROCHESTER) always can't seem to find a girl in THOSE CITIES?

My First Entry

Well Hello Friends,

This blog began after a conversation my friend DeAnthony and I were having online. We began talking about our lives and our next steps in life and then began to ask ourselves "How is so-and-so?", "Have you heard from blah-blah?". De suggested we start this blog to keep us up-to-date and together. So I named this blog "Keeping Together".

I hope you like it and will post what's been going on with you so we can in fact stay together even through our lives may pull us in opposite directions.

Love u all,